What Is This Blog About

My writing centers on malware analysis, reverse engineering, threat hunting, digital forensics and homelabbing.

This is very much a work in progress. I do not profess to be an expert in any of the above topics but I am working to learn and develop my knowledge and share what I can with others.

My coding projects can be found at GitLab.

Presenting at BSidesDFW

Threat Hunting on a Budget

This past Saturday, Joe Pisano and I had the privilege of presenting “Threat Hunting on a Budget” at BSidesDFW. Joe is a Senior Threat Hunter at the Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team (AFCERT) and a good friend who shares my passion for InfoSec and homelabbing. Dalton Ireland, the current Lead Threat Hunter at the AFCERT, is also a close friend who contributed to the presentation but was unable to make the actual event. [Read More]

Texas Cyber Summit - OpenSOC After Action Report

Train Like You Fight

I recently had an opportunity to attend the second annual Texas Cyber Summit from the 10th through the 12th. In preparing for the conference I noticed that the OpenSOC Network Defense Capture-the-Flag was going to be running. While I had not had any direct experience with the OpenSOC CTF I was familiar with it after BSidesSATX 2018 hosted them. That year was my first information security conference and I wanted to hit the gamut of talks so I made the decision to skip checking out the CTF. [Read More]

Flare-On 2019 Challenge 1

Memecat Battlestation

I completed several of the recently ended Flare-On challenges put on by FireEye. Flare-On is their annual reverse engineering CTF which takes place over six weeks and awards those who complete every challenge bragging rights and some unique swag. This year the CTF was comprised of twelve individual challenges increasing in difficulty and spanning several different disciplines. My interest in the challenge primarily stemmed from a desire to see how far I could get with my current skillset. [Read More]